House Before and After

House renovation started Aug 2015 finished 10 Sept 2015


(Day 1 Saturday 29 August)


Work got underway at 7 am and the noise and dust was dreadful as the builders started to ripe down the old dividing partition wall between our dining room area and the bedrooms, then they started to use an electric saw to cut the space in our Quarry Tile floor so that they could put in the steel support frame and concrete footings, the noise went on and on “BUT” I must admit that they are being very understanding about how it’s affecting me and keep telling as and when they are going to be using the electric saw but it still makes me recoil and sends vibrations through my brain and causes me a lot of added confusion.


Today they will start to pull down the partition walling behind my computer so I must remember to cove r it up properly so as not to get it covered in dust…


(Day 2 Sunday 30 Aug)


The day started by ripping down the rest of the wall and then putting place the reinforced support pillar and RSJ. Then the rest of the bricks where put into place and by the end of the day the builders had started to cover the wall with its layer of cement which still has to be finishes on Monday and then they cover that with the plaster.


Once that’s done they will move into our kitchen area to rebuild two of our Kitchen walls, once all that is done then it’s a case of redecorating the dining room, bedrooms and kitchen.


As for the effect its all having on me well it’s got me very anxious and confused with all the constant noise and activity of the builders moving in and out of the house as wherever I go I seem to be in the way and with so many rooms being done at the same time I don’t have anywhere that I can go to escape and get some solitude.


And now to make matters worse for me today (Monday) Sumi now has a Migraine and her Mother who is 84 is throwing a wobbly because she's had to move out of her bedroom for a week and move into Sumi's daughters empty larger bedroom so that we can do work in there and make it more comfortable for her "BUT" she has senile dementia and all she keeps doing is complaining and now saying that she's sick, in-fact the truth of the matter is that she feels that she's not getting enough attention as all the attention is being turned on me to make sure that I don't get to confused and anxious, Oh well you can’t please everyone!!  


(Day 3 Monday 31 Aug)


The builders started by layering off the walls with cement and then covered that with the plaster, they then finished off Sumi’s mothers bedroom just to (Pacify her) yet she is still complaining!  I know that she has senile dementia but I am finding it very difficult to cope with which seems strange given that I have dementia myself but senile dementia is undoubtedly a different type of dementia to that of Alzheimer’s or any other type of dementia, she has started to hallucinate and keeps talking to herself and non-visible apparitions!     


Anyway the new ceiling has been put up in our bedroom, so the work seems to be progressing to plan, ‘But’ I must confess that it’s all the on-going work is confusing me a lot and making me very anxious will all the noise and mess but (You can’t make an omelette without fist cracking the eggs) 


I do feel very lost in bewilderment and my normal routine and time schedules have gone out the window this week but I guess that was to be expected.


Come midday as the builders were eating the lunch that Sumi had prepared for them “YE” you read that right since as is the custom out here in Indonesia when you have builders doing any work for you then you have to provide them with (Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon snacks, an end of working day meal and a packet of cigarettes each)


Anyway I was examining the mornings work, and how I can but not get very anxious, and agitated when I see all the mess that’s got to be cleared up each day…


(Day 4 Tuesday 1 Sept)


Work seemed to be progressing at a slow pace but maybe that’s because it’s taking a long time to re-plaster all the walls and change some of the electrics, but by the end of the working day the building work in our dining room and bedrooms is all but finished, just all needs to be repainted.


So now we have moved into the kitchen area to renovate two walls as it would be silly to start the repainting before we finish all the actual building work otherwise everything will just get covered in dust again.


Now you can just see the traditional type of scaffolding that’s used out here made out of Bamboo!


(Day 5 Wednesday 2 Sept)


Work started on demolishing the two walls in our kitchen area and then the new brick work started to be put in place, but this is going to take some time before we can do any repainting work.

First new brick wall is almost in place and just waiting for the steel reinforced concert RSG to be built in. otherwise work is progressing OK and so far not too confusing for me as I decided its best for me to stay right out of the way!  


(Day 6 Thursday 3 Sept)


Work is progressing OK and the back door wall is already done and the plastering finished. Now Friday they move onto the back wall cooking area and about to install the bamboo scaffolding.


But it’s a big problem for Sumi as now she has to do all the cooking outside of the house for the next few days, to be very honest I don’t know how she is coping so well and without a word of complaint!

Thank God for her strength of mind as the entire Kitchen equipment keeps being moved around the house like pieces on a Chessboard.    


(Day 7 Friday 4 Sept)


Work continued on the back wall in our kitchen which is almost finished, we have ordered the aluminium window frames and just waiting for them to be made to measure but that won’t delay any work.


As I said yesterday the problem is for Sumi trying to find her ingredients for cooking as you can see in the photo! To be honest I’m finding all the mess to be very bewildering to me!  


(Day 8 Sat 5 Sept)


At last now all the actual rebuilding work is finished but still waiting for the aluminium window frames to be delivered.


Now starts all the repainting work, first in the kitchen so that we can then get that room back into some sort of working order for Sumi! Then it will be moving into the bedrooms and then finally the dinning room and my compute area, so I hope that by the end of next week all the work will be done and then we can get the house back into order again and me back into my normal routine! It’s been a long uphill struggle for me “But” I’ve survived all the building confusion now just the painting work to contend with.


Now a thought has suddenly struck me as I wonder if I will remember where all the ornaments and pictures go back in there right place!


(Day 9 Sun 6 Sept)


Sunday was a very busy day painting the kitchen which I think is almost finished!


But for me it was an extremely confusing day and I became very anxious and agitated and especially when TWO of Sumi’s brothers, wife, children and grandchild turned up for the day as it made the house so noisy and overcrowded for me to contend with, but by mid-afternoon I had settled back down again!


If I’m honest I think that all the rebuilding work and upheaval has been a bit too much from me as it’s stretched me to my limits! But hopefully by the end of this week all will be completed.          


(Day 10 Mon 7 Sept)


Today the builders started work painting our bedroom which is almost done just a little bit to finish off today (Tuesday) then it’s into our dining room and my computer area so I will have to clear the entire computer out of the way so that they can paint the wall, then also today (Tuesday) they will install my new shelf about the computer and at long last the kitchen windows will be installed. SO at last I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and all the work should be finished by Thursday or Friday at the latest, then it’s time for me and Sum to completely clean the house and then have some time out together for some relaxation and a nice meal in town…        



(Day 11 Tue 8 Sept)


The builders don a great job today and the work is all but finished apart for the final bits and bobs, the kitchen windows have been installed but today (Wednesday) they just need to be fixed firmly into place and then a bit of painting on the windowsills.


Now we need to go into town so that we can buy two wall cabinets so that Sumi can keep all her cooking ingredients and some pots and pans inside, also I have promised Sumi that she can have NEW Curtains every room of the house so we will need to get them ordered, I have also ordered a NEW all glass wardrobe for Sumi to go in our bedroom so that she can keep her “Many” traditional Indonesian Muslim dresses which are full body length.


I might have mixed dementia “But” I am still trying to remember my dear wife and the things that will make her contented…


So all the work is finished and “Yes I survived” to fight another day…