This extremely informative Video Recording of the Indonesian


“METRO TV” program “KICK ANDY, Alzheimer

 Dan Demensia” (Alzheimer’s and Dementia) is posted on my website by the Courtesy of:


DY Suharya, Direktur Eksekutif ‘Asosiasi Alzheimer Indonesia’)


Metro TV Indonesia


Sorry to all my Overseas friends but this is in Bahasa Indonesian but I’m sure even you will be able to understand some of what’s being said


Sumi and I wish to thank DY Suharya and Metro TV Indonesia for allowing us to be a part of helping to build awareness of “Alzheimer dan Demensia” in Indonesia and for including us in your “Outstanding” presentation on the Kick Andy show on Metro TV on Friday 4th of September.


I must say that it was an excellent presentation that explained the problems and consequences of Alzheimer dan Demensia just the way it is for those of us living with the illness.


Must admit that I got a bit of a surprise when I saw that they had included the opening of one of my (YouTube and website Video Recordings) (Which made Sumi cry) they also showed a lot about Sumi and me and keeping active for which we can’t thank you enough, as it’s our pleasure to try in some small way to help with building such awareness and look forward to being of more help in the near future.


Caused a bit of stir in our village with everybody pointing and calling out to us about being on the program last night but as I said to Sumi it’s helped immensely with our neighbours now understanding far better that I have a terminal illness and that I’ve not just gone crazy!  



With our greatest respect and best wishes

Barry and Sumi