Ongoing building work diary

1st September 2014


The first load of building materials has arrived but it’s still early days before the actual work will start which will be after the rainy session, apparently the building materials have been ordered early because prices are set to rise dramatically so it’s a case of forward planning.


Sumi and I have been discussing the building work and how it could affect me and realize that we need to have a strategy in place and a place for me to escape to which will be our bedroom so I can sit and listen to music or watch the TV with my headphones...             

Ongoing House expansion and my confusions

31 August 2014


Well I was already feeling wound up this morning and had previously said I was like a bear with a sour head and then my Stepdaughter and Son-in-law decided to make matters worse for me by telling me that they intend to start the preparation work to build a second floor on our house.


OK I can understand and appreciate that the house is now getting to small for all the family being (Sumi, myself, Sumi’s mother, daughter, son-in-law and our granddaughter and of course they would also like another child! “BUT” there’s no space so that we could extend the house sideways or lengthways so the only other way is “UP” So yes I got told this news today although I guess that I always knew it would have to happen sometime ‘sooner or later’ but the sheer prospect of all the utter upheaval inside and outside the house has started to make me feel extremely anxious and my brain feels as though it’s in a vortex full of trepidation and uncertainty as I can still remember just how bad it was for me 4 years ago when we had some major building work done inside the house but this is going to be a great deal worse for me as the work will be going on ‘step by step’ for about a year!


I know that they are going to be paying for all the work but I don’t think they have stopped to consider the affect its going to have on me, but what can I do other than acquiesce to many months of what’s going to be a living hell for me full of daily confusion, and that’s about to start sometime next week when some of the building materials start to be delivered although the actual building work won’t commence until after our rainy session is over (Well I think so)


To be very honest it’s got me very scared as I fear that in the coming months it’s all going to have a terrible adverse influence on my illness deterioration.   


So keep watching this page as I will be adding to it as the work progresses