Virtual Memory café Motivation

On Monday 4 August I join in the first virtual memory café meeting to reach my area of Asia in Indonesia and beyond and I just want to say that it really was a great social meeting of people with similar problems whereby you can exchange thoughts, feelings, fears the future and with others that understand your own feelings.


To be very honest prior to the meeting starting I was feeling extremely nervous about it “BUT” that nervousness was very quickly dispelled by being amongst such good friends who spoke openly about their own problems whilst living with dementia, it’s strange but being able to speck in this way drives out any inhibitions you might have been keeping to yourself, which isn’t a good thing as we need to be open and tell the world just how we actually feel and what it’s like living with dementia and this concept is an excellent way of doing just that.     


The Monday meeting will now be continued every Monday so if you have any type of Dementia and maybe want to regain your self-confidence and boost your own motivation then please join us, or one of the other meetings that is best for your own time zone, even if (at first) you don’t want to speck you can still watch and listen and see how being proactive in this way can help in fighting against the illness and “I guaranty” that you will also very quickly be joining in with the conversation


All you need is to have a computer, web camera and then download and install the Zoom system on your computer which is FREE and very easy to do, if I can do it after living with my dementia for the past nine and a half years then I’m sure you or your spouse or maybe a member of your family could help you then all you need to do is to follow the links that are posted on Facebook or the link that is E-mailed to you by Gary Joseph LeBlanc.


So I look forward to meeting you all on one of the Zoom Virtual Memory cafes


Download Zoom from this link:


Important message

At last for those of us who live in the Asian region more support is coming our way with the (Dementia Mentors Virtual memory Café) and we will be having our first UK to Far East (Asian) memory café next Monday 4th August so if you have some type of dementia please join us and make some new friends, all you need is a web camera…


This will be take place at 9 am London time, 3 pm Indonesia & 6 pm in Australia depending on what part of the county you're in and your time zone.


It will be hosted by Chris Roberts in the UK. Please spread the word to those living with dementia in these areas. Staying social is key for keeping your symptoms at bay.


To log in go to the Facebook (Virtual Memory café Group) or just watch out for the link on Monday