This new inspirational website that will change the way people think about dementia,

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“By and For people with dementia”







Dementia Mentors

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Dementia Mentors is about helping newly diagnosed patients understand their lives aren’t over.

Imagine receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Few things would be as frightening; few things would elicit such a strong sense of being alone.

Those involved in this project know firsthand how frightening it is to hear the words, “You have dementia.” For this is an international coalition of people living well with dementia.

This is a website created by dementia patients, for dementia patients. That means simple navigation, pleasing to the eyes, clear, and concise presentation. Someone having problems reading the text can simply click a button to hear the passage read aloud.

The Dementia Mentors tagline says it best, “Mentoring, Motivation, and More.

We Help You Rule Your Dementia.”