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Hi to you all who visit my website I hope that you find it of use in understanding dementia that little bit better and that you also like the recipe pages that I have included...

Thank you for visiting and if you have liked my website could I please ask that you leave a comment

Thank you

Website 23. May, 2018


Wonderful website, you are doing a great job,

Website 30. Mar, 2018


What an amazing site, love all the details in your site!

Website 17. Oct, 2017


Very informative :)

Website 17. Aug, 2017

Vina Jones

Well!!! I can learn many new things from your website.

Website 28. Jul, 2017


Happy you are back with us, Barry

Website 10. Jul, 2017


I love the pictures you share, and very beautiful web design.

Website 23. Mar, 2017


Jag älskar de bilder du delar, och mycket vacker webbdesign

Website 27. Sep, 2016


Good looking website.

Website 26. Aug, 2016


Very good! I can learn many new things from your website.

Website 12. Jul, 2016


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7. Jul, 2015

Ruth Ferguson

Dear Barry,

I just found your website, and what a treasure trove it is! It is so very helpful to hear from a person living with dementia explaining what you experience and what helps to alleviate the symptom. Thank you so much for all the information you put out there
for us. I walk with my dear husband the dementia journey. We consider it a sacred journey, and we strive to find joy in every day. Both of us have learned a lot over the years, our love grows stronger every day, and I consider it a privilege to be at my husband's
side, helping him, comforting him, providing a calm and save environment for him.

Wishing you many blessings on your journey.

31. Aug, 2014

Melanie Cantin

Barry, I love the website, it is so informative, you really help everyone so much with your wealth of knowledge, I want to say thank-you so much, I have learned so much from you !

13. Jul, 2014

Kim Pennock

Barry I love this website thank you! :-)

My mum has Vascular dementia and Alzheimer's too and I care for her twice a week.

Website 21. Feb, 2014


Hi Dorothy

I’m pleased that you think my website is of some help to people including yourself and I can understand just how you mum must feel when Sundowning...

Best wishes


21. Feb, 2014

Dorothy Le Drew

Hi Barry, I want to say thank you for being you! Thank you for not sitting down and allowing the disease to overcome you.... for sharing your knowledge and especially your feelings with all of us ......your description of how you're feeling when you're
sundowning has been very helpful to me....my mom is sundowning and it's hard to know what to do....especially when she can't tell me. I've been told by most to turn on every light you can....but I notice you say turn off unnecessary lights.....I find with
my mom if all the lights are on she's more agitated .....I can't say thank you enough for all the information you provide.

Website 9. Feb, 2014


Thank you for you comments my friends and I am glad that my Webster is of help to you all

9. Feb, 2014


Hi Barry

Reading your web site especially the sundowning bit has helped so much, I am a full time carer for my great uncle and by reading your discription of sundowning has helped me understand how my uncle is feeling and hopefully made me a better carer through understanding
what might be going on in his head, when his voice can't tell me. Your are amazing thank you xx

26. Jan, 2014

Greta Young

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. My mother died in a psychogeriatric ward having been a patient for twelve years. This is now many years ago.... but I am still in pain remembering the last years of her life. I could not, and more honestly
would not look after her, but it is sad, very sad, to remember her last years.

26. Jan, 2014

Susan Suchan

Barry, thank you for this magnificent website! You speak from your soul and it is a pleasure hearing and reading about your life with dementia. I also suffer with FTD, Lewy body and Parkinsonion. I am now 56. I live in the USA, where there are many resources,
and yet I still relate to the loneliness of this disease. You articulate yourself very well. May peace be with you.

26. Jan, 2014

Marcus Bennett

Barry,I like your new website. It looks great.I enjoyed the new jig saw puzzle as well...Keep doing what you are doing.

26. Jan, 2014


Happy you are back with us, Barry

Website 26. Jan, 2014

Gary Joseph LeBlanc

Barry, thank you for building this website. The more information available on dementia the more powerful we will be on fighting these diseases.